Decorating for Autumn


Okay, I’ll confess, I’ve already put out my many pumpkins, pilgrims, candles, baskets - anything I have that speaks Fall. I’m nuts about pumpkins and anything pumpkin related - as soon as September hits, I’m hauling in bins from the garage!

It’s easy to decorate for Fall – purchase pumpkins in every shape, size, color and texture.  If you’re just starting your pumpkin stash, don’t forget to scour the after season sales – you’ll find treasures at deep discounts!  Combine your newly found pumpkins with anything Fall – straw, autumn leaves (faux and real), baskets, scented candles (think apple cinnamon!) and anything else that catches your eye that speaks harvest to you. 

Next, start combining – pumpkins + leaves + candles or pumpkins + leaves + pilgrims.  Just mix color/shape/texture and choose which combination you like best!

Combine all of your autumn colored throws and pillows to continue the look of harvest and you’ll bring the season to life in your home.  The best thing about Fall is that you get to keep your harvest decorations out until the day after Thanksgiving – then get ready to decorate for Christmas – more about that in my next blog - happy decorating!