Merry Christmas!

Oh how I love the glitter and shimmer of Christmas and it starts the day after Thanksgiving.  Away with the pumpkins - bring on the Santas! 

When switching out from Harvest to Christmas, keep it orderly so you don’t create more work for yourself.  Before you take down your Harvest décor, take photos of your vignettes and store them for easy reference. Next, bring in the harvest bins and take everything down, pack it all carefully using lots of tissue and bubble wrap.  Tip: I place all of the pieces in each vignette in separate bags and then place the bag in the bin.  Next year, I’ll know immediately what goes together and I simply refer to my stored photos for exact placement.

With Harvest safely tucked away, you can bring in the Christmas bins.  Unpack each bag with its various items for each vignette, refer to the photos you’ve taken and stored from the year prior and Voila!  Christmas!  Of course, I reserve the right to move things around, incorporate yet another Christmas goodie that I couldn’t resist and tweak each vignette until I’m satisfied.  This system has worked well for me, saved a lot of time and my feet are grateful at the end of a long day. 

When everything is place, I make a cup of tea, turn on the tree lights, light candles, play some favorite Christmas music and call my hubby.  We sit, relax and begin to enjoy yet another beautiful Christmas season and we are grateful, really grateful, for the blessings in our lives most especially for our sweet grand daughter Evynn….a precious bundle who arrived this Fall.  Christmas is even better because of her. 

I hope you’ll have lots of time to relax and enjoy your friends and family during this beautiful season. 

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