Create a Welcoming Front Entry


I love summer…, tasty home-grown veggies and warm evenings by our pond help me remember what’s really important in life. While this isn’t interior design, I believe that we shouldn’t ignore our outdoor spaces. Let’s start with our front entry. Here are a few tips to ensure that your front door always says “Welcome!”

Dress up your front entry - whether you have a big front porch or a small landing at your front door, you can make it inviting….and you should. The first impression people have of our homes is the front door. Forget the small pots of flowers that dry out and die too quickly. Purchase a couple of large pots (there are lots of End-of-Summer sales going on now!) and fill one with green. The pots here on our porch have the ever-durable plant called Aspidistra or Cast Iron Plant. I chose it because it has lush green leaves year round in our mild climate and will tolerate shade. Surround the Aspidistra with something that has color and will tolerate the light conditions at your entry. I filled the smaller pots here with New Guinea Impatiens - they'll bloom continuously until frost. As the seasons change, replace spent plants with seasonal color. Don't forget whimsy - interesting artwork and garden statuary help brighten your entry.   Your home will say "Welcome" in every season!