Painless Decluttering!

Painless Decluttering 

Take an objective look.  The other day when walking through my home, I told myself to do just that and what I found made me think “Oh my, why do I still have that?”

Refreshing a space doesn’t have to cost money.  Often, you can update your home by simply moving or removing and recombining accessories or trading out artwork and with other rooms. 

If you’re like me, you’d like to declutter and lighten your spaces for a cleaner more streamlined look.  Editing (letting go of tired pieces that you no longer love) doesn’t have to be painful. Editing can be liberating and if you’re reluctant to get rid of things, here’s my easy 3-Box Formula.

Box 1 - Place items that you’re sure you want to get rid of – no attachment whatsoever – in this box.  Tape it up and deliver it to a charity.

Box 2 – You’re not so sure you want to part with Aunt Mildred’s hand painted plates.  Wrap the plates securely, place them in Box 2 and put the box in storage.  In 6 months, open the box and decide whether or not you’ve missed the plates.  If you have, you’ll be glad that you didn’t put them in Box 1.  If you didn’t miss them, place them in  Box 1 and off they go – this way you’ve given yourself time to consider and will have no regrets!

Box 3 – This box is a keeper -- you’re sure you want to keep these items but don’t necessarily want to see them in your home right now.  Box them up carefully, label and store them.  They’ll always be there for you when and if….