A Week of Spring - Family Room

Family Rooms are the hub of the home where most family activity takes place and could use some sprucing up as the seasons change.  To go from winter drab to spring fresh, try switching out some accessories to add color.  If you want to keep it calm, choose a single color to accent your family room with pillows and accessories (a set of 3 vases of the same color in different shapes for the coffee table perhaps?).  The consistent use of a single accent color is a beautiful thing and keeps it mellow.

If you’re crazy for color, choose 3 of your favorite colors and with these in mind, choose throws, accessories, pillows (think different textures and patterns mixing in some solids) – even new lamps can continue your new colors in the room.  You’ll create a welcoming and cheery retreat for you and your family.  TIP:  If you have kiddos, choose fabrics for upholstery and pillows that’s durable.  Synthetic fabrics (no cotton or silk) wear like iron and clean up well.  They’ll even pass the test of teens!  Happy spring!