A Week of Spring - Kitchen

Bringing spring to the kitchen is an easy fix.  First, replace the "should'a done this long ago" hand towels, pot holders & dish cloths - I’m thinking of 2 potholders lurking in one of my kitchen drawers...  As with adding color elsewhere in the home, you can use the simple calm of a single color for new towels, potholders and accents or you can use a number of spring colors.  Consistency is one design rule I always apply to keep from creating visually cluttered spaces --  so continue the colors you’ve chosen throughout the kitchen and eating space.  Finally, add a vase of flowers, a new print for the wall or my favorite, a new rug at the sink that will be the foundation of your wake-up-to-spring makeover!  TIP:  declutter your kitchen counter tops by placing several of the things you use daily in a single tray as demonstrated in the photo.  This reduces visual clutter and instantly makes your kitchen feel cleaner!